Revizor is  an  innovative  project  in  the  field  of  regulation of  the  crypto-currency  market,  the  main  task  of  which  is  to create software tools that would filter a wide range of assets by absorbing  unpromising  tokens. Advantages  of  RevizorCoin  is that  to  date  thereis  no  similar  project  in  blockchain.  About  a thousand  different  coins  as  a  result  of  the  introduction  of Revizor  will  be  absorbed,  making  it  possible  to  blockchain system cleaning. RevizorCoin is the only coin that does not need mining,  as  its  owners  will constantly  increase  their  capital  in  a certain  arithmetic  progression  after  each  absorption  of  illiquid coins.
Revizor  is  the  first  crypto-derivative. The  absorbed  assets  will  be  considered publicly  on  our  channel  and  in  social networks. Among  them  there  are  interesting projects, but due to the shortage and lack of advertising these projects did not gain the declared capitalization and lost value. After the acquisition of such coins, an auction is held  by  us  for  auctioning  the  crypto-derivatives  of  illiquid  tokens,  which  will  be  of interest  to  individual  companies  for  the  completion  of  these  projects  and  their  re-launch in an improved form.
  The  principle  of  Revizor  is  the  creation  of  a  range  of  tools  that  allow  filtering exchange flows from deliberately unrealizable and fraudulent crypto assets. It  envisages  the  creation  of  online  RevizoR exchange  system  of  illiquid  crypto assets on  RevizorCoin. The  exchange  will  be  made  automatically. For  each category  of  coins  will  be  established  its  profitable  course  for  everyone. The degree  of  liquidity  of  a  particular  crypto asset is  ultimately  determined  by  the market itself.
   For    example, on 2015, one cryptocurrency  project attracted 6,019,420  USD  for  24  hours.  As of  September  22,  2017,  its  value is    $    0.002594    with    a    zero capitalization  level.  This  speaks first of all about the failure of the project.    And    we    see    such projects very often. By    exchanging this   project`s    coins for RevizorCoin,  the  owner  has  a  second  chance
to   return   their   investments   and   there by participate in the RR. 

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